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update on atmosphere

Spent the day at the salon two weeks ago, love the guest and the flow of things, the girls we’re very polite and a pleasure to be around. I learned a lot in the short amount of time i was there…Over all I had a great experience, but still waiting to hear back them…in the mean time I’m still applying to other salons.

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second interview

I just got back from my second interview with atomsphere and must say i felt pretty good about it. Afton made me feel really comfortable and she was so easy to relate too. I’m moving on to the next step she invited me to come spend the day at the salon with them next sat, looking forward to it, will keep you guys posted…


Just got back from my interview at atmosphere salon, must say i enjoyed myself looking forward to my second interview with afton (hopefully i spelled it right)…living the dream 


LOVE GLITTER. Check out our favorite tools and techniques for long lasting sparkly eye makeup!
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LOVE GLITTER. Check out our favorite tools and techniques for long lasting sparkly eye makeup!

(image via pinterest)

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Anonymous said: Do you have any relaxer tips for someone who does it at home? I have trouble maintaining the straightness.

I would suggest that you get a setting lotion (motions has a foam) and wrap your hair at night. It is important that you only use a relaxer if you have a 2-3 inch of regrowth and be consistent the application process, example same brand, same size comb, etc. It makes a difference and most important do not overlap relaxers, this will cause breakage. Hope this answers your question

Cali trip

had awesome time in cali with the family…got to ride on the plane with halle berry and a bus and just to let you she does wear a wig…but she is just as beautiful in person as she in a photo. also saw twitch from SYTUCD or step up 3 he was so polite, really cool dude. Saw fast five which was off the chain and went to six flags for the first time, than on the way home got escort through the LAX like a celebrity for no reason, must say random but i cant complain

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Super excited about all the new changes that are going on at brillare. I must say i’m a little jealous of the new students, for they have in store for them. Watch out brillare is going to a new level didn’t think it was possible but they keep out doing themselves…love my brillare fam bam  

state board practical exam

Just got done taking my practical exam and i must say i’m feeling pretty good…feeling like i pass 

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super excited about this contest support and vote for my friend dorrell

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it’s time

its time to get new hair…yeahhhh!!!!